90 Days ago we were made an offer, by a company we will leave unnamed for now, to allow them to stream ads in our Windows Media Player Stream. In order to accomodate their system we had to place 1 minute PSA spots in our main stream.

As of today WE ARE COMMERCIAL FREE! KJ and I have decided the financial rewards from the program could never be more important than our relationship with the thousands of loyal listeners this station has.

We do need to ask that you patronize our sponsors as often as possible to help us make up the revenue we are going to lose by making this important decision. We responded to your requests to stop the ads, now we need for you to respond to us by helping us make up the income.

We are on a qwest for our website to become the center of the music universe! We appreciate each and every one of you! This should be evident by all the new things we have done for 2009.

THANK YOU for listening.