Thanks Everybody!!!!!!

We’ve almost made our fundraising goal for this month. You guys are the bestest.

Please keep in mind the bills keep coming in every month. Keep helping, it is very much appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Thanks Everybody!!!!!!”

  1. WooHoo!! I know this is the wrong place and I am going to try and post the question in the forums, but is there a place to buy CDs that AA gets a cut from? When I heard Godsmack unplugged I went apeshit. I never knew they did any unplugged stuff and if someone had told me that they did I would have thought they would sound like crap. But the way they have aged, as reflected in there live unplugged sets, is exactly how I see/feel myself ageing with respect to listing to music. I dislike the fact I am getting older but listing to a band that I usta love to bang my head to, play a milder version of those songs, makes it feel just a tad better. I am turning my kids on to them and want to buy “The Other Side” and was hoping that there was a referral link somewhere here.

    /Babble mode off

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