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There are several ways to listen to Acoustic Alternative Radio. We don’t want anyone getting confused so let us explain them one by one:

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You can listen in HD with our new player that is flashed based and has no commercial videos. The player does have a pre-roll video, but it is dedicated to musicians who have music in rotation on this station.

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Listen In HD Using The Toolbar

The Alternative Revolution Toolbar now has the HD player built right in. The nice thing about the toolbar is, it contains many useful functions including a Google Powered search, many other great stations to listen to, several fun Apps and much more. Over 2,000 people already use it and they are loving the features.

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RadioLoyalty Player

We still offer a HD Stream through the RadioLoyalty Player. One of the benefits of RadioLoyalty is the fact you can earn points for listening to your favorite stations that are redeemable for cash and prizes.

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Morosity Album Review – Free Download

MOROSITY “Misanthrope”

“Sourness of temper; sullenness: a gloomy ill-tempered feeling: a sullen moody resentful disposition.” This is what you will read if you go to their biography page. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? I thought so. When I checked out their album I was treated to their lyrics too. Wow!

Morosity is a combined acoustic and alternative rock band. Each of the five members has varied backgrounds in music with a goal to “sidestep the pointless revivalism of music today and focus on how they can evolve and confront the issues that bind them.” I must say that I picked up on their superb mood inducing sound right away on a quick sample. So let’s see what else this puppy can deliver.

Wow, I was hooked on the first song. Acoustic instrumental is what I feel like calling this. But that wouldn’t be right because there are vocals too. The style reminds me of Days of the New. The lyrics are like pure poetry, the music is purely atmospheric, the singing, well, I’ll get back to that.

I would score the album based on the music alone a 100%. I like the messages and themes too which I would boast around the 95% mark. What takes it down a bit for me is the singer’s voice. It’s not bad by any means. When I first heard the vocals pop in on the album I wasn’t impressed. As the album went on I warmed up to them. I have to admire them for delivering such a well thought out, well produced album here. I give this album an 89% chance of sunshine!

Daniel C. Morrison – Acoustic Alternative

Track Listing

  • Adam
  •  Eve
  • Stampede
  • Evidence of Insomnia
  • Subconscious
  • Day or Reckoning
  • Breaking Vein
  • Black Rainbow
  • Malpractice
  • Hypocrite
  • Why Do I

Get the album now (click the image):

Album/Song Reviews

Attention Musicians!

As our agreement ends with Alternative Revolt Magazine, we will start featuring different album reviews each month on the new Acoustic Alternative Website. July 1, 2012 is our launch date and you really need to get involed with us.

Each month we will feature great new music by musicians from all over the world for our 3,000,000 plus readers and visitors to the website. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get plenty of exposure for your music and it doesn’t cost you a penny to get involved.

Simply visit our new submission site and your music will be distributed to our review specialists and journalists.

This is going to be the best year ever for Acoustic Alternative Radio as we move into our new Online Magazine Format. Get involved today!

The Power Hour 5-9-2012

Just so everyone knows we are no longer affiliated with the defunct Alternative Revolt Magazine.

What we used to call The Raw Side Show has reverted back to the ever popular Acoustic Rock Power Hour with DJ Chainsaw. We have been doing this show since 2008 and took the past year off to cater to a failed magazine. What a lesson Chainsaw learned in life.

This week the tunes are awesome and we thank all of you who placed song requests on the Facebook Group. Our fans are great and we appreciate all your support.

The music? Well, you have to download and listen :)

The Power Hour Returns

The Acoustic Rock Power returns to Acoustic Alternative Radio Wednesday May 9, 2012 at 12:30 PM EST (GMT -5) and we will be taking song requests through the “Chat” on the new forums.

DJ Chainsaw will be spinning the tunes and taking your requests. Come on over and register in the forums today and get ready for the wild man himself.

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