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Acoustic Alternative, under the management of DJC Entertainment, now has several programs to help support Independent Artists. First, let’s start with a little bit of station history:

· 2007 – The Ville Radio Network (Louisville, KY) and Shout Radio Services (Billings, MT) merge to form a powerful new format on Internet Radio. Powered by Shout Radio Automation, Acoustic Alternative begins dominating the Internet World of Alternative Rock.

· 2008 – Acoustic Alternative Radio becomes an Editors Choice Station in the ever popular iTunes Radio Network. Listenership Quadruples as iTunes drives thousands of additional listeners to the station. The company acquires 5 additional streaming servers to support the massive influx of dedicated listeners. DJ Chainsaw begins the Acoustic Rock Power Hour, during prime time, and starts featuring Independent Artists from all over the world. The show is a smash hit and song requests force the show into 3 hours every Wednesday.

· 2009 – Acoustic Alternative is featured briefly during the MLB World Series in the new iPhone commercial. Under the leadership of DJC Entertainment, the station launches, the still popular, Raw Side Series Album and begins hosting live entertainment at Hooters Restaurants in the Louisville, KY area.

· 2010 – Acoustic Alternative is listed as one of “The Top 20 Internet Radio Stations of 2010” on The Raw Side Series Album gains popularity and thousands of digital copies are downloaded. DJC Entertainment negotiates an agreement with ASCAP and moves all licensing to This allows the station to expand the play list and hundreds of new songs are added to the already extensive rotation. As an “On Demand” network, Interactive Song Requests are added and the Weekly Top 20 Chart becomes a smash hit worldwide.

· 2011 – Acoustic Alternative teams with Alternative Revolt Magazine and The Raw Side Show is born. The show features some of the BIGGEST and smallest names in Alternative Rock. The world premier series starter features an interview with the rock band “Chevelle” and music from the Indie Band, Signum AD. All Indie musicians chosen will be interviewed and have a featured article in Alternative Revolt Magazine, “The Acoustic Alternative Rising Star”, written by Daniel C. Morrison of Alternative Revolt. DJC Entertainment takes it a step further by teaming with Jetcast & RadioLoyalty to make the listening experience even better than before. By using the RadioLoyalty Player, listeners can earn points towards merchandise and gift cards, not to mention, request songs, view the Top 20 Chart, purchase music and more. Free apps will be offered for all the popular cell phones so our RadioLoyalty Members can earn points while they listen mobile. These new partnerships will make Acoustic Alternative Radio a leader in Internet Radio far into the future.

· 2011 – Acoustic Alternative Radio is once again selected on as one of The Top 20 Internet Radio Stations in the world.


If you have an album or music you would like for us to review submit a high quality MP3 through our new submission system located HERE. Our staff will review your music and a written article will be posted on our website. All music reviews require your permission to give away a free MP3 download of one of your songs in the article. We will also post a link for people to purchase your music. Musicians selling their music through Amazon and iTunes will receive priority treatment (we are affiliate publishers with these two services). Just let your reviewer know which song you want to be downloadable in the article.


If selected by our scouting division, musicians will have access to the following promotional programs.

Your Music Placed in Rotation – If chosen, your music will be placed in rotation on Acoustic Alternative, one of the top Internet Radio Stations in the world.

Interactive Song Requests – Once your music is added to our rotation it automatically becomes available on our Song Request Page, accessible through the RadioLoyalty Player. Your fans and our massive listener base can request your song once every 2 hours (provided the maximum number of requests hasn’t been reached for that hour) and it will be played for the whole world to hear. The more your song is requested, the more exposure you get worldwide. The key is to have your fans request the song and listen for it to be played. If they leave the player, there is no guarantee it will be played.

Weekly Top 20 Charts – This chart is viewed by 67% of our website visitors, second only to our Interactive Song Requests. The chart is driven by the number of times, during the week, your songs are requested. The chart runs Monday through Sunday and resets each week, giving everyone a fair chance to make the listing. The more fans you bring to the table, the more chance you have of making the chart. With thousands of people viewing the chart each day, your music will gain exposure worldwide.

Web Site Feature – If selected , you will automatically get a featured article on Acoustic Alternative written by Daniel C. Morrison, Lead Journalist for the web site. This will give you great exposure to our massive readership.

RadioLoyalty – With the new player listeners are assured a great experience on our station. Your fans request the music and listen for it to be played while gaining the opportunity to earn Loyalty Points that can be used to purchase gift cards, music and other merchandise without spending a penny.


At DJC Entertainment and Acoustic Alternative Radio we are dedicated to the promotion of Alternative Rock, and the musicians that work so hard to get their creations heard. We do this at no charge to any artist. Your success depends on the number of fans you drive to our network to get your music heard all over the world. Are we doing this just to build our listenership? NO, we already have a large fan base ourselves! We are doing this because we LOVE music, and face it, what are the chances of your music ever making it on Terrestrial Radio? This is a golden opportunity for the “little guys” to shine worldwide.


Musician Promotion Program (see bottom of page for details) – If you would like an EXTREMELY affordable way to promote your music to THOUSANDS of new fans world wide, contact us ([email protected]) for details.

Talent Scouts – Submit your music to us for review and inclusion in our rotation by using our new submission site located HERE.

Player Link – Send your fans to so they can request your music and listen for it to be played.

Acoustic Alternative


NEW – Musician Promotion Program


Acoustic Alternative Radio, one of the Top 20 Internet Radio Stations in the world, is proud to offer ALL musicians a way to promote themselves and their music to thousands of new fans worldwide. The mission of our station is to promote new music and support the music industry.

Even if you don’t have acoustic tunes to submit to the station, you still qualify for this unique promotional program. Our listeners are very diversified in their musical tastes and love to listen to new music.

The player on our index page and in our toolbar serves more than 1,000,000 banner impressions each month. We are going to dedicate the 300×250 side banner to musicians and their music. To support this project we have produced a promotional spot that rotates in our daily programming telling our listeners to visit the websites linked to the banners and try something new and refreshing.

Our State Of The Art advertising software will email you a report each week telling you how many times your promotional banner was viewed by our listeners.

When we say affordable, we mean it! We understand most of you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend promoting your music so we tailored our program to fit your budget. We charge only $ .10 per 1,000 impressions and only require a $15.00 deposit to get started. This price gets your promotional banner in regular rotation with other musicians participating in our program.

If you have a campaign that needs priority promotion, we have programs for that as well. Just contact us for details ([email protected]).

Here’s how easy it is:

* You contact us and provide your 300×250 promotional banner along with where you want it linked to ([email protected]).

* We get you setup and your banner loaded into our system, then send you a invoice, via PayPal, for $15.00. Once you pay the invoice we activate your campaign.

* You receive performance reports automatically each week and when your account gets low you choose whether or not to renew.


So, submit a request in the “Paid Promtion Category” of our new site and we will contact you with all the details. Visit our submission site now.

2 thoughts on “Music Submissions & Promotion”

  1. Hi everyone

    Debut album ‘Monument’ by Welsh 4-piece alt. rock band Shadow Of The Sun is out now. Co-produced on a shoe-string with friend Lee Howells and mastered by Andy Jackson of Pink Floyd fame, it has received rave reviews and features, most notably in Classic Rock and Classic Rock Presents Prog magazines. Please find the link below to download the album in full for airplay.

    If you only accept solicited material and are interested in our music please let get in touch and we’ll get you whatever you need via the suitable channels.

    Also, if you need any further info, biography etc or if you’d like to feature the band in an interview or live session just let me know.

    Our website is currently having an overhaul but I’ve included the link to our facebook page below (you should find most band links and up to date info there) and a link for our debut video which we’re using to promote the album. You’re welcome to share the video or host it on a webpage in conjunction with or as an advertisement for any planned shows.

    If you already have the tracks or we’re already in touch please excuse this message.

    Album Download Link:

    Video Link:


    Any problems don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Finally, we are contacting you either because you’ve expressed interest in our album or because we hope you will. We hope you enjoy what you hear.

    Yours sincerely

    Dylan – Shadow Of The Sun

  2. Hello,

    We would like to introduce our band, Kind Off. We are pop’n’roll group that was founded in 2011. Currently we are working on our debut album. We have attached songs from our Dancing Colours EP, and would be very glad if You spend few minutes listening to this. We hope that You and Your listeners will like it.

    You can also check our music on YouTube or Facebook:

    Our EP and our single “Dancing Colours”:

    Thanks a lot for Your attention, and hope to hear from You how do You like our music.

    Best regards,

    Krzysztof Korczak,
    Kind Off

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