Listening Choices – Clarification

Let Me Clarify This!

I’ve had a buch of people email me asking what the hell is going on and why they can’t listen free anymore. I believe we have confused some folks and a clarification is owed to our listeners.

Yes, our station has gone HD. Yes, we are reducing the quality of our Shoutcast and iTunes Streams. Yes, you can still listen FREE. No, you don’t have to subscribe to listen. Here are the listening choices that will be fully in place by July 1st:

Listen Free with iTunes or Whatever Player – Our stream will still be availble for free to iTunes and Shoutcast listeners, only it will be lower quality than you are used to. If you want to listen through your player at the lower quality, we want you have a great time. If you want to complain about it, we have other choices you can elect to use.

Listen in HD FREE – You can listen to the station in HD by using the flash based player located on our index page ( By using the player you are helping us pay our bills, which are extremely high at this point. RadioLoyalty pays us for people using the player. You even have the opportunity to earn points that you can reseem for gifts and money! It’s a WIN-WIN situation for all of us.

Listen in HD Free with Our Toolbar – We have a radio player in our toolbar that will allow you to listen to our stream in high quality. Get more information on our toolbar here:, we have approximately 2,000 users on it already with no complaints. There is a now playing, song history and song request widget on it as well.

┬áListen in HD Commercial Free – We now have a station called Acoustic Alternative HD that is private and commercial free. This is a paid service but costs as little as $2.00 a month. It has an expanded playlist, song requests and completely commercial free. Get more information here:, we have several new subscribers to this service and all seem to be very happy.

COMING SOON! Thanks to Chris McIntosh we will have a FB App in the near future you can use to listen in HD FREE! I think you will like the concept. We would like to thank Chris for being a loyal listener and assisting with the station.

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