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You know what it feels like. Pure blissful contentment juxtaposed with passionate angst and vigor. The idea we call love stretches many fathoms deep in our hearts to bring out the emotions of which our being is created. Break Through Beautiful will take you through the journey of love you have felt and longed for, with masterfully planned yet tumultuous breakdowns, gooseflesh giving vocal melodies, and powerful transitions in and out and over one concept- what love feels like. BE LOVE, the bands doctrine and credo, resounds in us a concept of reminding ourselves why we are here in this life experience, so naturally, their music is carefully crafted around the philosophy that love is complex, necessary, intense, energetic, and heartfelt. With a production of theatrics, positivity, tautness, and precision, you will agree with Break Through Beautiful’s story, and forever be a fan of their message.

Request their new acoustic single, Kayleigh and Me, and put them in the Top 20. If you like it as much as we did, come put your comment on this post.

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