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Acoustic Alternative Stream Update

As most of you know, it is our policy to post the minutes for company meetings that involve changes that affect our listeners. Here are the discussions and decisions from the latest board meeting:

    Licensing and Station Revenue

Licensing and streaming fees have increased creating a financial burden on the owners of the station. In a meeting on Saturday, April 30, 2011, it was decided that on May 1st the station will begin streaming paid advertisements at various times each hour to cover operating expenses.

The lack of donations from listeners has forced us to become a commercial station for the first time in 5 years. Monitoring of the stream on Sunday showed no decrease in listenership during the ads and we are confident our loyal listeners will support our decision. The advertising agency handling our account has assure us the revenue generated will cover our climbing expenses. We thank you for your understanding and continued support of the station.

    Upcoming Stream Changes

During the meeting we voted to only reduce our stream quality on Shoutcast and iTunes to 48kbps instead of the intended 32kbps. 48 is on the lower spectrum of FM quality. The change is still scheduled to be completed by July 1, 2011 but we decided to make the decrease gradual to accomodate our loyal iTunes followers.


We are going to increase the frequency and be more aggressive in our searches for new music to add to the playlist on the station. We already have the rarest collection of music in the world but in the near future it will get even better!

This station was developed to promoted new music and support up and coming artists so we have dedicated ourselves to finding more of the great musicians and featuring them for you to hear.

The Raw Side will now only feature a independent musician each month, though we will continue to play the more popular musicians as well.

    New Show

We listened to a great new Blues show that we fell in love with and will be scheduling it into the programming this week. The name of the show is: Confessing The Blues with Host Cleve Baker. We think you will really enjoy it. We will post more on the show in the next day or so.

Acoustic Alternative on Blackberry

I got my new Blackberry Storm and have been testing Apps to listen to Acoustic Alternative while cruising around town. I found most of the Apps out there are CRAP!

I finally found one that works GREAT! Go to the Blackberry App World, search for TuneIn Radio, download and install the FREE version. Do a search for Acoustic Alternative and add us to your favorites.

I’ve been using it all over town without a glitch. Please don’t ask me for any support with the App though, I’m still a beginner myself. LOL

No Song Requests This Weekend

KJ and I are working on the station software this weekend and we have had to disable the song requests in order to complete the code changes.

Our sincerest apologies, but we are trying to make the station better and our control software needs a long overdue upgrade.

We will let you know when it is back up and running again, in the mean time, enjoy the great tunes we have selected for you.


Lynne Raines posted this on the FB Group.¬†We’re leaving the comments open on this one so if you know any other mobile apps that work (with any phone)¬†please post’em.

Market – Search TuneIn Radio
download app
search acoustic alternative
can add to presets as favorite

Thanks Lynne!