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Heath Eric & Molly G.


This song was written by Marque Payne, a very talented songwriter from Owensboro, KY.

At Marque’s request we added this song to the rotation this weekend and it quickly grew to #1 in the Weekly Top 20 (as of the time of this post). The song is performed by Heath Eric and Molly G., long time friends of Marque.

Come purchase Coffee & Cream, or better yet, get their whole album, “Finally Gettin It”, cause it’s full of GREAT tunes by Heath and Molly.

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The New Acoustic Alternative Radio

The new Acoustic Alternative Radio is fully licensed through Do to the lack of donation support we have contracted to insert a limited number of commercials in the stream to help us pay for streaming costs, licensing and future expansion.

We appreciate your continued support and hope you understand the need to run the commercials in our stream.

The Raw Side Series

SPECIAL: Donate $2.00 or more and get the album and access to the Elite Site!

Clicking the donate button takes you to our donation page where you can see the monthly progress.

An Added Extra For Donating!

The thank you email with the download link now includes a link for you to get involved and request your favorite songs from our collection!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Once you have donated you will receive an invitation code and link to our new SECRET community. You automatically get labeled as one of “The Elite Ones” which gives you access to tons of free downloads, special shows, product savings and tons more. Our new community is growing daily! It also includes links for you to listen with your favorite radio player, interactive song requests, album reviews, concert reviews, live interviews with some of the BIGGEST and smallest names in the industry and a TON more.

ALL WE ASK FOR IS A SMALL DONATION. Give what you can afford! We aren’t trying to make millions, we just want to keep adding music and more things for you. We appreciate you and we spend every penny we make improving the station.