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Ravenscry Announces Japanese Release Of “One Way Out”

Ravenscry’s debut album “One Way Out” will be released in Japan through Hydrant Music on March the 14th, 2012. After the successful European and Scandinavian releases the hype continues for “One Way Out”. The album will be distributed in Japan by EMI music thanks to the new deal with Hydrant Music.

The whole band stated: “We are very excited to have our debut album “One Way Out” released by Hydrant Music in Japan. We were searching for someone who could collaborate with us in Japan and Hydrant Music proposal just came across our way. We are very happy about this agreement and we are sure that One Way Out will be heard by our Japanese fans… and of course it would be awesome to come over Japan to promote our music!”


Japanese mighty BURRN! Magazine  will introduce the release to the nipponic audience on the next issue. Stay tuned!

The Stompcrash sign with DREAMCELL 11/AURAL MUSIC GROUP

Italian New Wave band The Stompcrash have signed a deal with Dreamcell11/Aural Music Group for the release their debut album “Directions”.

The Stompcrash was born in Milan in 2002 as a darkwave project inspired by the gothic stories of writers like Lovecraft, Poe, Kafka. Tales about love and death.

The first album “Requiem Rosa” was released in 2007 for Nomadism Records as the result of researching melodies and atmospheres to give special emphasis to every story told. The aim of the band was to catch all the energies and emotions felt and put them in songs. “Requiem Rosa” contains some classic like “Dorian”, “The London Fog” and “Like a noise” and achieved great reviews from all the gothic scene all over the world.

After involvements in compilations from Greece, Russia and Germany in 2009 a new song called “The Buried Cat” was released for german magazine “Dark Spy vol. 21” and the same year the band was included in the english goth journalist Mick Mercer’s book titled “Music To Die For”.

In 2010 the band start to look for new musical directions writing new songs and began the collaboration with Alkemist Fanatix Management, in 2011 the agreement with DreamCell11 for a new album is signed.

The Stompcrash is back with a whole new sound, more fine and conscious, 12 new tracks in a new album called “Directions”, an album about love, sorrow, regret, about blood on the wheels of history, about how in life “behind each corner new directions lie in wait”.


“Glory On The Battlefield” Album Launch Show

Feb 11 – Toronto – Crimson Shadows Announce “Glory On The Battlefield” Album Launch Show

It’s an event four years in the making. Now, Blacktooth Entertainment is proud to announce that it’s finally time to get your head ready for banging and dust off those horns as Crimson Shadows get set to release their highly anticipated debut full-length album “Glory On The Battlefield” on Saturday, February 11 at The Hard Luck Bar (772A Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON).

“I’m really happy about releasing this album because so much has gone into it. The speed, technicality, and the sheer brutality are some things that I’m really proud of on this album. We feel that we’ve finally found our own sound and we can bring something unique to the heavy metal table that hasn’t been done before.” commented Crimson Shadows vocalist Jimi Maltais.

Death and power metal are not two genres that are often mixed. In fact, it’s almost unthinkable. But for Toronto, ON-based Crimson Shadows it’s all about ignoring convention and developing new sounds.

Combining the guttural screams and blast beats of death metal with epic guitar harmonies and choruses signature to power metal, Crimson Shadows recorded their mind-shattering debut at Shatterpoint Studios at the end of 2011 and are finally ready to unleash it on the masses.

Quebec’s Kalter, Toronto’s folk metallers Bolero and Burning the Day will be joining Crimson Shadows for a CD release show and party of epic proportions only suitable for a band ballsy enough to fuse death and power metal. Can you handle it?

Track Listing:

1. Glory on the Battlefield (intro)
2. Battle Hard
3. Beyond the Mountain Wasteland (Free Download)
4. For the Glory of the Throne
5. Kingdom of Ale
6. Quest for the Sword
7. Lost in a Dark Forest
8. Journeys End

“An eruption of Power and Death has caused the spawn of a new breed. Crimson Shadows have fused two of the mightiest sub genres of metal thus creating an audible journey for listeners worldwide. The death vocals teamed with incredible riffs and solos create the type of energy that is enough to keep us thirsting for more.” –

Show Details:

Facebook Event Page:

Date: Saturday, Feb 11, 2012

Venue: Hard Luck Bar, 772A Dundas Street West

Time: 7pm

Cost: $10 (All Ages)


CRIMSON SHADOWS (Free downloads/streaming)

Video – Spiritual Angel – Live at Trois Rivieres Metal Fest –

BOLERO (Free downloads/streaming)
Music Video- Pints Held High –

Music Video – Rope In Hand –

Shadowside launches new official website

Rising Brazilian Metal band Shadowside has just launched their new official website. Featuring a modern website that allows fast and easy navigation, the page is very interactive.

Completely redone, the website presents a detailed history of Shadowside, photos and videos of the band on tours worldwide, streaming music, news and, in the near future, tour dates. There is also a store where fans can buy music and official merchandise.

The website promises to be a fast and efficient communication mechanism with the fans. Users with accounts on Twitter or Facebook may connect to it and keep a direct integration with social networks. Options such as “like”, “tweet”, “google +1” are available, as well as version in English and Portuguese.

To be released worldwide in mid 2012, Shadowside’s new album Inner Monster Out is already considered as one of the best releases of 2011 in Brazil. This material was produced, mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström (In Flames, Arch Enemy, Hammerfall, Dream Evil, Evergrey and more) at Fredman Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. The album features guest appearances of vocalists Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity), Björn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork) and Niklas Isfeldt (Dream Evil).

Visit the official website at


Acoustic Alternative Stream Update

As most of you know, it is our policy to post the minutes for company meetings that involve changes that affect our listeners. Here are the discussions and decisions from the latest board meeting:

    Licensing and Station Revenue

Licensing and streaming fees have increased creating a financial burden on the owners of the station. In a meeting on Saturday, April 30, 2011, it was decided that on May 1st the station will begin streaming paid advertisements at various times each hour to cover operating expenses.

The lack of donations from listeners has forced us to become a commercial station for the first time in 5 years. Monitoring of the stream on Sunday showed no decrease in listenership during the ads and we are confident our loyal listeners will support our decision. The advertising agency handling our account has assure us the revenue generated will cover our climbing expenses. We thank you for your understanding and continued support of the station.

    Upcoming Stream Changes

During the meeting we voted to only reduce our stream quality on Shoutcast and iTunes to 48kbps instead of the intended 32kbps. 48 is on the lower spectrum of FM quality. The change is still scheduled to be completed by July 1, 2011 but we decided to make the decrease gradual to accomodate our loyal iTunes followers.


We are going to increase the frequency and be more aggressive in our searches for new music to add to the playlist on the station. We already have the rarest collection of music in the world but in the near future it will get even better!

This station was developed to promoted new music and support up and coming artists so we have dedicated ourselves to finding more of the great musicians and featuring them for you to hear.

The Raw Side will now only feature a independent musician each month, though we will continue to play the more popular musicians as well.

    New Show

We listened to a great new Blues show that we fell in love with and will be scheduling it into the programming this week. The name of the show is: Confessing The Blues with Host Cleve Baker. We think you will really enjoy it. We will post more on the show in the next day or so.