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Attention Musicians!

As our agreement ends with Alternative Revolt Magazine, we will start featuring different album reviews each month on the new Acoustic Alternative Website. July 1, 2012 is our launch date and you really need to get involed with us.

Each month we will feature great new music by musicians from all over the world for our 3,000,000 plus readers and visitors to the website. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get plenty of exposure for your music and it doesn’t cost you a penny to get involved.

Simply visit our new submission site and your music will be distributed to our review specialists and journalists.

This is going to be the best year ever for Acoustic Alternative Radio as we move into our new Online Magazine Format. Get involved today!

The Power Hour 5-9-2012

Just so everyone knows we are no longer affiliated with the defunct Alternative Revolt Magazine.

What we used to call The Raw Side Show has reverted back to the ever popular Acoustic Rock Power Hour with DJ Chainsaw. We have been doing this show since 2008 and took the past year off to cater to a failed magazine. What a lesson Chainsaw learned in life.

This week the tunes are awesome and we thank all of you who placed song requests on the Facebook Group. Our fans are great and we appreciate all your support.

The music? Well, you have to download and listen :)

Alternative Revolt

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MATT DELL MUSIC – Free Download

Matt Dell – self titled EP



Matt Dell brings us an acoustic blend of sing along hooks, melodies, and a strong sense of passion straight out of Niagara Falls, Ontario. He started back in 2006 by joining a band called This Time Goodbye which actually had about 2 years of straight touring with a lot of sold out shows. Sadly, the band ended in 2008 but Dell’s passion never stopped. As a solo artist he pressed on with tours and continues to impress to this day. With influences cited as All Time Low, Taking Back Sunday and Marianas Touch, just to name a few, it’s easy to see why he can still press on. His single, “Secrets and Lullabies” got some pretty good results and even has a sweet video to go with it:

Now, it’s ten years and counting in the music scene for this guy and I have here a 3 song EP to put through the trenches. Let’s see how experience has paid off for this talented musician.

I am sitting here amazed. Matthew Dell has crafted three tunes on this EP that are purely stellar. The music is beautifully crafted, the vocals are rich, meaningful and smooth, and it really sounds like the proper time and care was given to these tunes. I am easily reminded of Yellowcard’s ballads, Goo Goo Dolls epic orchestration, and the quick attention of Gin Blossoms. I’m even reminded of Indie gems I’ve found such as Emzy Collins, Grant Hill and Someone Like You.  I will say that I could see each of these playing on the radio. Now, this may turn a few people off. What I mean is that if this was a full length album it would probably be an album of radio hits. Some people would tire of these types of radio hits after so many in a row. But the album would also gain a Nickelback’s worth of sales so how is that a bad thing really?

I have to applaud Matthew Dell here on 3 songs that are absolute gems. I really hope you’ll give it a listen and even purchase it to support this artist who truly deserves to get out to the masses. I am anxiously awaiting his full length album estimated to release by summer of this year. I definitely give Matt Dell’s EP a 95% chance of sunshine!

Daniel C. Morrison – Acoustic Alternative

Matt Dell – self titled EP

Track Listing

  • Secrets and Lullabies
  • I Can’t Wait
  • Dance The Lights

GRUMP Album Review – Free Download

Grump – Feathers for the Skull


When you hear the name, Grump, what comes to mind? One of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs? Your dad when he gets home from work? That guy you know with a big ego? Well, I’d like for you to consider this group from Florida when hear that word. I like their story and the idea of using uncommon musical combinations to make themselves stand out.

Grump started back in 1994 as a group of friends from school who lived music. Years went by and they stayed musically entranced but it was the passing of two of the band’s close friends that got them into a new gear to produce a well done acoustic album. But I’m not reviewing that one. I’m reviewing their latest, just released in July, 2011. It is said to be more modern with “A Rock and roll jumbo spiced with jazz, rap and a the lightest touch of indian music flavors.” Now when I read that, I just had to give it a sample. So here we go…

I can honestly say I picked up on the styles mentioned in that tag line. I was reminded a bit of Villebillies, Blind Melon, David Allen Slater, Sister Hazel and even Charlie Brown. It’s true. While I listened to this album I really was taken on a roller coaster of styles. I would almost say it didn’t quite work but I’d be lying. Most times I’ve heard an artist mess around with several styles it sounded like they didn’t know who they are. Luckily, Grump knows exactly who they are. This album really will take you for a ride. It leaves a certain vibe and that’s when you know an album is great, when you can only get that feeling by listening to it.

I find it hard to pick a standout song since they all have catchy hooks, fun vocal styles and interesting song structure. Even the lyrics aren’t overly saturating. I will say that Song On A Grave is pretty sweet and even has a youtube video to go with it:  

Because of the diversity and the impact that each song is capable of delivering I have no choice but to see this album forecasting as a 91% chance of sunshine.

Daniel C. Morrison – Acoustic Alternative

Release date – July, 2011

Track Listing

  • Clints in L.A.
  • Wrap Around
  • Grinder
  • Hymn #23
  • Triggerboyz
  • Light it up
  • Security
  • Swimming with Mirrors
  • Song on a Grave
  • Oyster Ave.
  • Poison Flower
  • No Reply

Indie Label – River Road Records