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The 1975 “Facedown” EP

This punk rock, alternative group knows how to get your attention. They combine a mixture of subtle sounds, pumping rhythm, vocal hooks and great melodies. I’m reminded of U2, REM, the Wombats, Pink Floyd, Enya and others but at the same time I find it original. Even though there’s only 4 songs I was still taken through a great roller coaster of emotions. Although the singer has a bit too much of an accent at times I still give this EP an amazing 9 out of 10.

Facedown - EP - The 1975

Signum AD – Veto The Vultures

I was a bit bummed when Signum AD split up. I’m glad to see that they’re back although just one original member is left. Seems like this was a good idea. This new collection of Signum AD breaks balls, slaps sumos and mashes marsupials. What I’m saying is that even though they only deliver 5 songs each one is a masterpiece. The hard rock is excellently produced, the vocals are top notch, the song choreography is like being at a fight club and each one delivered a hook that slapped me in a good way. There’s a hint of Sevendust sprinkled here and there but even if it wasn’t this still gets a solid 10 out of 10 for me!

Veto the Vultures, Vol. 1 - EP - Signum A.D.

Ashley Cowan Album Review – Free Download

Ashley Cowan – “Age of Hostility”

London brings us this Alternative Rocker. I really like the vibe he gives. His quiet approach to rock is delivered in a fashion reminiscent of 70’s mainstream rock with a touch of today’s influence. I could see this stuff played on mainstream classic rock stations even though it’s far from classic. At least today.

Lyrics are a nice draw too but sometimes, the vocals aren’t as impressive with some songs like they are with others. “A Matter of Time,” is by far my favorite and I love the harmonica addition to “Hangover Blues”.

There’s a lot to like in Ashley’s creation here. I forecast this album as a 72% chance of sunshine.

Daniel C. Morrison – Acoustic Alternative

Morosity Album Review – Free Download

MOROSITY “Misanthrope”

“Sourness of temper; sullenness: a gloomy ill-tempered feeling: a sullen moody resentful disposition.” This is what you will read if you go to their biography page. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? I thought so. When I checked out their album I was treated to their lyrics too. Wow!

Morosity is a combined acoustic and alternative rock band. Each of the five members has varied backgrounds in music with a goal to “sidestep the pointless revivalism of music today and focus on how they can evolve and confront the issues that bind them.” I must say that I picked up on their superb mood inducing sound right away on a quick sample. So let’s see what else this puppy can deliver.

Wow, I was hooked on the first song. Acoustic instrumental is what I feel like calling this. But that wouldn’t be right because there are vocals too. The style reminds me of Days of the New. The lyrics are like pure poetry, the music is purely atmospheric, the singing, well, I’ll get back to that.

I would score the album based on the music alone a 100%. I like the messages and themes too which I would boast around the 95% mark. What takes it down a bit for me is the singer’s voice. It’s not bad by any means. When I first heard the vocals pop in on the album I wasn’t impressed. As the album went on I warmed up to them. I have to admire them for delivering such a well thought out, well produced album here. I give this album an 89% chance of sunshine!

Daniel C. Morrison – Acoustic Alternative

Track Listing

  • Adam
  •  Eve
  • Stampede
  • Evidence of Insomnia
  • Subconscious
  • Day or Reckoning
  • Breaking Vein
  • Black Rainbow
  • Malpractice
  • Hypocrite
  • Why Do I

Get the album now (click the image):

Mercutio Self Titled EP – Free Download

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This duo from Lynchburg, Virginia is a nice change of pace for me. I applaud them for booking 100 shows on their own and continuing to steamroll forward. This is partly due to Michael Chagnon’s previous success of having his music played nationally on MTV and also having live shows played on ABC and CBS affiliates as well as being a music reviewer for The Burg. It’s also partly due to Geoffrey Osborne’s success with working for WMLU 91.3 FM in Farmville and also running Bandfest, a highly publicized concert held annually at Longwood University. But most importantly, it’s due to their ability to master great songs with acoustic guitars, mandolins, banjos, 12-Strings and more.

They have a great variety of musical influences giving nods to The Beatles, The White Stripes, The Everly Brothers, Weezer, The Killers and Foo Fighters just to name a few. But when they dig into their own talents you will be reminded also of bands like Arc Angels, The Black Crowes, Gin Blossoms and even Marcy Playground. They then change gears to be up tempo which reminds me of styles nowadays. But instead of sounding like all the others, they stand out on their own. I really want to listen to this and kick my feet back, then hop into the car and go on a road trip.

Mercutio paints themselves well with alternating styles between bluesy moods and grooving tones with every song making you want to just sing along. That’s rare. Songs like “Abby” and “Die In Your Arms” really made them a quick favorite for me. And while some of these make you want to grab a girl and start square dancing others will make you just want to soak into memories such as with the song “Moira.” Another thing I like is that the lyrics are well thought out. Although they may not stand out as literature they will remind you of any situation you’ve ever been in. That’s another great plus.

All in all, this album had me at first listen and stuck with me until the end. I forecast this amazing EP as a 95% chance of sunshine!

Daniel C. Morrison – Acoustic Alternative

Mercutio self titled EP – Release Date November 1st, 2011
Track listing

  • Moira
  • It Sure Was Good To See You
  • Play
  • Die In Your Arms
  • Abby

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Mercutio: Mercutio