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The 1975 “Facedown” EP

This punk rock, alternative group knows how to get your attention. They combine a mixture of subtle sounds, pumping rhythm, vocal hooks and great melodies. I’m reminded of U2, REM, the Wombats, Pink Floyd, Enya and others but at the same time I find it original. Even though there’s only 4 songs I was still taken through a great roller coaster of emotions. Although the singer has a bit too much of an accent at times I still give this EP an amazing 9 out of 10.

Facedown - EP - The 1975

Signum AD – Veto The Vultures

I was a bit bummed when Signum AD split up. I’m glad to see that they’re back although just one original member is left. Seems like this was a good idea. This new collection of Signum AD breaks balls, slaps sumos and mashes marsupials. What I’m saying is that even though they only deliver 5 songs each one is a masterpiece. The hard rock is excellently produced, the vocals are top notch, the song choreography is like being at a fight club and each one delivered a hook that slapped me in a good way. There’s a hint of Sevendust sprinkled here and there but even if it wasn’t this still gets a solid 10 out of 10 for me!

Veto the Vultures, Vol. 1 - EP - Signum A.D.

Ashley Cowan Album Review – Free Download

Ashley Cowan – “Age of Hostility”

London brings us this Alternative Rocker. I really like the vibe he gives. His quiet approach to rock is delivered in a fashion reminiscent of 70’s mainstream rock with a touch of today’s influence. I could see this stuff played on mainstream classic rock stations even though it’s far from classic. At least today.

Lyrics are a nice draw too but sometimes, the vocals aren’t as impressive with some songs like they are with others. “A Matter of Time,” is by far my favorite and I love the harmonica addition to “Hangover Blues”.

There’s a lot to like in Ashley’s creation here. I forecast this album as a 72% chance of sunshine.

Daniel C. Morrison – Acoustic Alternative