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Raw Side Show – March 2011

Wednesday, March 2nd, 12-2PM EST.

Chainsaw is spinning great tunes, Daniel interviews Josiah James and we got Brian to interview Korn!

You certainly won’t want to miss this show! The interviews and the people are real. What kind of questions will we come up with this time? Listen and see for yourself.

Find My Heart – Win a 6 Pack

The All Request Power Hour is back!

Every Wednesday (except when we are doing The Raw Side Show) 12-2PM EST on Acoustic Alternative. Get your finger on the trigger because I am going to spin the tunes you request!

I’m bringing back the “Good Ole Days” and it’s going to be better than before! We are giving away prizes during the show and will have a winner every week!

During each show I will hide our little heart icon on somebodies website. I will announce what site it is hidden on, all you have to do is be the first to find it and post the location on our Facebook Group page and you will win a 6 Pack of your favorite tunes! That’s right, you get to pick 6 of the best acoustic rock music on the planet, FREE.

Other prizes will be announce very soon, thanks to Alternative Revolt Magazine!

Here’s how it works:

  • You join our Facebook Group (it’s free).
  • During each show I will announce the website my heart is hidden on (I will also Tweet and post the location on the FB Group).
  • You go to that site and search until you find it.
  • You come to the Facebook Group and post the location.
  • If you are the winner, I will send you a Facebook Friend Request.
  • Once you accept my request I will send you a message with instructions to collect your prize.

It’s that simple and there are no strings attached! We are going over the top this year with more prizes and fun than ever before!

The Raw Side Update

The Raw Side Series Show & Podcast will premier Wednesday, February 2, 2011 on Acoustic Alternative Radio at 12:00PM EST. The Podcast version will be available for download at 1:00 PM EST the same day.

The first show featuresthe Indie Band Signum AD and Major Recording Artists “Chevelle”. Hope you enjoy the show.

The Raw Side Series Podcast

PodCover600The Raw Side Series Album has been such a great success KJ and I decided we would do a monthly Podcast featuring some of the best music in the world. Then the big question was, how to do it, keep it legal, make it different and very interesting. I pondered on these questions for almost 4 months when all of a sudden my buddy Daniel C. Morrison (Alternative Revolt Magazine), contacts me and wants us to do a feature for the magazine each month.

BINGO! There it was, the answers very clear. Alternative Revolt Magazine will provide audio interviews of some of the top names in Alternative Rock and Acoustic Alternative will feature them in a monthly special show on the station.

What to name the show? Well, since we will be comparing the full blown versions of some of the hardest Metal and Punk Music to the Unplugged Versions we play on the station, why not call it “The Raw Side Show”. Not only will it air on the station, it will be available as a Podcast on our “Elite Site”, which we have appropriately named “The Raw Side” as well.
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