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AlternativeHD Now in Toolbar

Our new Alternative High Definition (Streaming at 192Kbps) is some of the same music we play here, only it is the plugged versions.

It is now available in the toolbar for your listening pleasure. We will be adding a Flash Player very shortly for those of you who are MAC users.

Use the “Our Radio Toolbar” link at the top of this page to get more information on the toolbar. We have hundreds of users and everyone LOVES it.

At Work Network

We would like to reconize the following members of our “At Work Network”:

Wolf’s Den Tattoo Studio
Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Visit them on MySpace

Gianna Violins
East Tennessee USA
Visit them on The Web

Cunningham Campers
Jeffersonville, Indiana
Visit them on The Web

Bennett & Bloom

Louisville, Kentucky
Visit them on The Web

Louisville, Kentucky
Visit them on The Web

DaBomb Media
Arizona, USA
Visit them on The Web

Want to be added here?
Simply shoot us a email with your company name and location and we will add you to the wall!

Weekly Top 20

Top 20 songs for the week of “.date(“n”).’/’.(date(“d”)-date(“w”)).’/’.date(“Y”).’


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90 Days ago we were made an offer, by a company we will leave unnamed for now, to allow them to stream ads in our Windows Media Player Stream. In order to accomodate their system we had to place 1 minute PSA spots in our main stream.

As of today WE ARE COMMERCIAL FREE! KJ and I have decided the financial rewards from the program could never be more important than our relationship with the thousands of loyal listeners this station has.

We do need to ask that you patronize our sponsors as often as possible to help us make up the revenue we are going to lose by making this important decision. We responded to your requests to stop the ads, now we need for you to respond to us by helping us make up the income.

We are on a qwest for our website to become the center of the music universe! We appreciate each and every one of you! This should be evident by all the new things we have done for 2009.

THANK YOU for listening.