Attika 7 “Blood of My Enemies”

Ok Metalheads, you probably know about Attika 7, especially if you’re Biohazard and Static X. This would mean you know about Evan Seinfeld and Tony Campos. But if you don’t they formed a super group and had their debut album released at the end of July. So, is it truly a super group or super splooge?

Well, since it was produced by MUDROCK (Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack) it had to be good and, I was right. It kicked ass! I was taken on a roller coaster of angst, violent thoughts, escapism, relaxation, and a weird yearning to punch walls and jump in one spot until I ran out of breath. Super group indeed! It has a mix of heavy memories of the past with nostalgic bits of 90’s alternative and a delivery that should be dropped off by a dragon. This powerful antidote to your need for rockin’ out silly gets a 9 on the volume knob!

Blood of My Enemies - Attika 7