About Us

Acoustic Alternative is a fully licensed Internet Radio Station through Live365.com.
Visit us online: http://acousticalternative.com.

Acoustic Alternative is the premiere radio station devoted to acoustic, alternative, punk & hard rock bands. The music selected to play on Acoustic Alternative is raw, real music, from artists who love creating music and are not just doing it for the fame or money. We also love to play acoustic versions of songs by popular artists. It can give a person an insight into a band and how they create and present music.


2006 – Acoustic Alternative merges with The Ville Radio Network (villeradio.com), Louisville, KY, one of the largest and fastest growing music providers in the Midwest.

2007 – Station automation is completed and Interactive Song Requests are introduced.

2008 – Acoustic Alternative becomes a Editors Choice Station on iTunes.

2009 – Acoustic Alternative is used in a new iPhone Commercial during the MLB World Series of Baseball.

2010 – Acoustic Alternative is listed on About.com as one of The Best Internet Radio Stations of 2010.

2011 – Acoustic Alternative teams with RadioLoyalty and Lenco Mobile to offer points for listening with our player that are redeemable for free merchandise.

2011 – Acoustic Alternative teams with Alternative Revolt Magazine and starts giving away free merchandise every month, making us the leader in interactive Internet Radio.

2012 – Still going strong and in the top 20 Internet Radio stations in the World.

2013 – Acoustic Alternative becomes part of the AudioTraxx Radio Network.

2017 – Acoustic Alternative is forced to shut down when it is discovered that StreamLicensing.com was purchased by crooks and they never paid any of the Performance Rights Organizations.

2018 – Acoustic Alternative is invited to curate professional music for Live365.com and The Legend Returns to the music scene once again.

It just keeps getting better all the time!

Owned and Operated by – DJ Chainsaw Entertainment (Louisville, KY)
Wes Simkins – General Manager
Marque Payne – Acoustic Alternative Music Scout
Monica Balmer – Assistant Program Director
Andres Garcia – DJ from Colombia, South America
Daniel Morrison – Spotlight Management/Head Journalist

Acoustic, Unplugged, and Raw