I Guess You Figured This Out

By now I suppose you figured out we had to shut the station down due to outrageous royalty costs. It was a ton of fun while it lasted and maybe one day we will bring it back again.

We still have the music collection and it is still very rare.

Thanks for the many years you supported us.

DJ Chainsaw

2015 and Still Going Strong

It just hit me that we haven’t posted on the website since 2012. Man. where has the time gone? Here it is, 2015, and we are still going strong. People are still active because I just tried to request one of my favorite songs 2 hours in a row and the maximum number of requests had already been reached.

I want to say thanks to all of you who have been listening since 2009 and all you new folks who are finding us in the search engines. I did multiple searches today and we are still rated at the top of each engine.

Unfortunately our song submissions are broken so for those of you Indie Artists trying to get your music out there, we apologize.  Maybe in the near future we can get them fixed again.

Keep rocking to your favorite tunes and we will continue playing them for you.

Happy Memorial Day from all of us at Acoustic Alternative Radio.

Acoustic, Unplugged, and Raw