I Guess You Figured This Out

By now I suppose you figured out we had to shut the station down due to outrageous royalty costs. It was a ton of fun while it lasted and maybe one day we will bring it back again.

We still have the music collection and it is still very rare.

Thanks for the many years you supported us.

DJ Chainsaw

2015 and Still Going Strong

It just hit me that we haven’t posted on the website since 2012. Man. where has the time gone? Here it is, 2015, and we are still going strong. People are still active because I just tried to request one of my favorite songs 2 hours in a row and the maximum number of requests had already been reached.

I want to say thanks to all of you who have been listening since 2009 and all you new folks who are finding us in the search engines. I did multiple searches today and we are still rated at the top of each engine.

Unfortunately our song submissions are broken so for those of you Indie Artists trying to get your music out there, we apologize.  Maybe in the near future we can get them fixed again.

Keep rocking to your favorite tunes and we will continue playing them for you.

Happy Memorial Day from all of us at Acoustic Alternative Radio.

The 1975 “Facedown” EP

This punk rock, alternative group knows how to get your attention. They combine a mixture of subtle sounds, pumping rhythm, vocal hooks and great melodies. I’m reminded of U2, REM, the Wombats, Pink Floyd, Enya and others but at the same time I find it original. Even though there’s only 4 songs I was still taken through a great roller coaster of emotions. Although the singer has a bit too much of an accent at times I still give this EP an amazing 9 out of 10.

Facedown - EP - The 1975

Attika 7 “Blood of My Enemies”

Ok Metalheads, you probably know about Attika 7, especially if you’re Biohazard and Static X. This would mean you know about Evan Seinfeld and Tony Campos. But if you don’t they formed a super group and had their debut album released at the end of July. So, is it truly a super group or super splooge?

Well, since it was produced by MUDROCK (Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack) it had to be good and, I was right. It kicked ass! I was taken on a roller coaster of angst, violent thoughts, escapism, relaxation, and a weird yearning to punch walls and jump in one spot until I ran out of breath. Super group indeed! It has a mix of heavy memories of the past with nostalgic bits of 90’s alternative and a delivery that should be dropped off by a dragon. This powerful antidote to your need for rockin’ out silly gets a 9 on the volume knob!

Blood of My Enemies - Attika 7

Signum AD – Veto The Vultures

I was a bit bummed when Signum AD split up. I’m glad to see that they’re back although just one original member is left. Seems like this was a good idea. This new collection of Signum AD breaks balls, slaps sumos and mashes marsupials. What I’m saying is that even though they only deliver 5 songs each one is a masterpiece. The hard rock is excellently produced, the vocals are top notch, the song choreography is like being at a fight club and each one delivered a hook that slapped me in a good way. There’s a hint of Sevendust sprinkled here and there but even if it wasn’t this still gets a solid 10 out of 10 for me!

Veto the Vultures, Vol. 1 - EP - Signum A.D.

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